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at the 2nd World Association for Sport Management 2017
at Lithuania Sport University, Lithuania

Dear President of AASM Member Associations,

First of All, I would like to thank you for your dedication for the AASM movement. AASM have a mission to encourage student in Asia to gain experience and express their academic capability to the world stage. To encourage the participation of Regional Associations (RA),WASM has a financial aid program to provide funding (WASM 50% and RA 50%) for one student from each Regional Association to make an oral presentation at WASM conference.
On behalf of the President of Asian Association for Sport Management, I would like to announce that AASM will provide a financial support of 500 USD for the trip of one qualified student to attend the 2nd World Association for Sport Management 2017 which will be held 20-23 June 2017 at Lithuania Sport University, Lithuania.
The eligible applicant needs to possess these qualifications and submit the documents to AASM secretariat at email: by May 5, 2017.
•Abstract acceptance letter of oral presentation from the WASM Conference 2017 organizing committee
•Evidence of Active Student (Copy of Registration Evidence at the University)
•Evidence of WASM Conference 2017 registration fee payment
•Filled in AASM financial aid application form approved by the President of AASM Full Member Associations
The successful applicant needs to submit the report including pictures and copy of presentation certificate to the AASM secretariat after the conference. Beyond the above basic qualification, the AASM Executive Committee will hold the right to make a selection and will announce the result to all applicants via email by May 12, 2017.
Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Issadee Kutintara
President of Asian Association for Sport Management